It's Not About Us

First and foremost, Greenwood aims to be developer friendly. We want to provide the capabilities and tooling to help you accelerate your workflow and build your application, all while getting out of the way as much as possible. We value documentation and transparency into our project and encourage all to participate in our GitHub issues and pull requests.

Continuous Learning

In addition, we want Greenwood to be a project where developers can have access to, and as part of Project Evergreen, learn about modern JavaScript and CSS development workflows, and be afforded all the advantages of the web's native capabilities, right out of the box. We love Web Components, Flex Box, EMCAScript modules and everything else the web has to offer, and want to make sure that delivering modern apps for a modern web is painless and easy for everyone.


We greatly encourage contributions to our documentation and website to make sure everything is as clear and useful as possible so as to ensure we're providing the the best developer experience possible. Please feel free to engage us in GitHub, Twitter, or any of our other outlets. (check out the site header for ways you can connect with the team, we'd love to hear from you! ❤️)

Please see our roadmap to checkout what we have planned next!