About Greenwood

Greenwood's goal is to make web development easier, more accessible, and to put the fun into fundamentals. By diligently adhering to web standards and building an optimized workflow around those open technologies, Greenwood promises to provide an easy learning experience that can grow to scale up to any skillset or project. Whether you are building a blog or a single page application, a hobby project or passion project, Greenwood can help you accomplish your goals.

The Greenwood team are working hards towards a 1.0 release and are eager to get there quickly to help expand Greenwood's features and capabilities. We want to make sure Greenwood is the best experience it can be, for users and developers. If you have any issues or are curious to see what we're working on next, please feel free to checkout our GitHub repo and poke around. Comments / issues / feedback welcome, we are open for contributions! 👋