It's About The Web

First and foremost, Greenwood aims to be welcoming and user friendly and for us that means leveraging the web platform for everything it provides. Too much magic and trust in node_modules can be both a blessing and a curse, and Greenwood wants to help you walk that line a little more safely. If there is a web standard, you can be assured it's supported by Greenwood out of the box and if there isn't, you can probably make a plugin for it!

With the right amount of tooling and options to help accelerate your workflow and projects, all you need is web.

Continuous Learning

We want Greenwood to be a project that everyone can use without pre-existing knowledge of libraries and frameworks. Start with that index.html and work your way up to a completely server rendered application if you need! We love Web Components, Flex Box, EMCAScript Modules and everything else the web has to offer, and want to make sure that delivering modern apps for a modern web is painless and easy for everyone.

As the web grows and evolves, so will Greenwood. The team's desire to learn all about the web will help ensure Greenwood is always able to deliver the best experience for users and creators on the web.


We value documentation and transparency into our project's roadmap and decision making, and encourage all to participate in our GitHub repo's issues, discussions, and pull requests. We greatly encourage contributions to our documentation and website to make sure everything is as clear and useful as possible and to keep us honest in providing the best developer experience possible. Please feel free to engage us in GitHub, Twitter, or any of our other outlets. We want to hear from you about what you think would make Greenwood better!