Deploying your site on Now

Requires an account with Vercel linked to your GitHub account. If you need to sign up, the process is simple as is the deployment.

After you have created your Greenwood project and pushed your code to a GitHub repo...

  1. Log in to your Vercel account and proceed to the dashboard.

  2. Click the Import Project button

  3. In the From Git Repository block, click continue

  4. The default tab is for GitHub (what we will be using), GitLab & Bitbucket are also supported but not tested for this guide.

  5. Click Import Project from GitHub

  6. Find an click select next to the relevant Repository, then click Import

  7. Next you can change the projects name (optional) then click continue

  8. the next screen asks for the path to the root directory, leave blank for the root and click continue

  9. next, the selection for framework should be automatically set to other, if not select it

  10. In build command enter yarn build

  11. In output directory enter public

  12. Click deploy

Done. It will start building your first deployment and will update each time you make changes to the master branch of your repo.