Quick Start

If you want to get right into the code, we have a few options to get you started Greenwood:

  • Init Command
  • Command Line (w/ npx)
  • Clone GitHub Repo
  • Stackblitz ⚡

Init Package

You can use Greenwood's init package to scaffold out a new empty Greenwood project, or from a template.

mkdir my-app && cd my-app

npx @greenwood/init@latest

Command Line

Additionally, you can start your own project right now as easy as 1.. 2.. 3, right from your terminal!

# with NodeJS already installed
# create a pages directory for your content
$ mkdir -p src/pages

# create an index.md file as your home page
$ echo "## hello world" > src/pages/index.md

# run one of Greenwood's commands, and that's it!
$ npx @greenwood/cli@latest develop

Clone GitHub Repo

If you just want to clone and go then we welcome you to check out the companion repo we made to accompany this guide. To get the code from this walk-through, you can simply clone the repo, install dependencies, and off you go!

$ git clone https://github.com/ProjectEvergreen/greenwood-getting-started
$ cd greenwood-getting-started

$ npm install

$ npm start



Greenwood thinks there's a world where you never have to leave the browser to build and author content for your site, and after you see our starter working in Stackblitz, we think you'll be a believer too!

To learn more about what you can do with Greenwood, head over to our documentation or feel to review the other sections in this guide. To setup a project from scratch, you can pick up the rest of the getting started guide on the project setup page.