Custom Plugins

Greenwood provides some custom plugins that can be used to enhance your project's default functionality, using the available plugin types provided by Greenwood.

The available plugins built and maintained by Greenwood team and contributors have been provided in the table below, with links to their README with the appropriate installation and usage steps.

BabelAllows usage of Babel plugins, presets, and configuration in your project.
Google AnalyticsEasily add usage tracking to your site with Google Analytics.
Import CommonJsEnables usage of import syntax for loading CommonJS modules from node_modules.
Import CSSEnables usage of import syntax for loading CSS files.
Import JSONEnables usage of import syntax for loading JSON files.
PolyfillsAlthough most modern browsers now support the APIs that make up Web Component, for older browsers use this plugin to Let Greenwood automatically take care of progressively loading polyfills for you.
PostCSSAllows usage of PostCSS plugins and configuration in your project.
TypeScriptAllows usage of TypeScript for writing JavaScript.

See something missing? Please review our open issues, we might be working on it! Or if not, please request it, we would be interested to learn how you need to use Greenwood and how the team can help!