The source plugin allows users to include external content as pages that will be statically generated just like if they were a markdown or HTML in your pages/ directory. This would be the primary API to include content from a headless CMS, database, the filesystem, SaaS provider (Notion, AirTables) or wherever else you keep it.

See our docs on External Sources for more information on working with data in Greenwood.


This plugin supports providing an array of "page" objects that will be added as nodes in the graph.

// my-source-plugin.js
export const customExternalSourcesPlugin = () => {
  return {
    type: 'source',
    name: 'source-plugin-myapi',
    provider: () => {
      return async function () {
        // this could just as easily come from an API, DB, Headless CMS, etc
        const artists = await fetch('').then(resp => resp.json());

        return => {
          const { bio, id, imageUrl, name } = artist;
          const route = `/artists/${name.toLowerCase().replace(/ /g, '-')}/`;

          return {
            title: name,
            body: `
              <img src='${imageUrl}'/>
            label: name

In the above example, you would have the following statically generated in the output directory (assuming three items in the artists array.)

└── public/
  └── artists/
    ├── <name1>/index.html
    ├── <name2>/index.html
    └── <nameN>/index.html

and accessible at the following routes in the browser

  • /artists/<name1>/
  • /artists/<name2>/
  • /artists/<nameN>/
  • ...