Though rare, there may be cases and opportunities for tapping into the bundling process for Greenwood. If so, this plugin type allow users to tap into Greenwood's Rollup configuration to provide any Rollup plugins you may want to use. Simply use the provider method to return an array of Rollup plugins.


Install your favorite rollup plugin(s), then create a simple object to provide those plugins to Greenwood.

import bannerRollup from 'rollup-plugin-banner';
import fs from 'fs';

const packageJson = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync('./package.json', 'utf-8'));

export function myRollupPlugin(options = {}) {
  const now = new Date().now();

  return {
    type: 'rollup',
    name: 'plugin-something-something',
    provider: () => [
      banner(`/* ${} v${packageJson.version} - built at ${now}. */`)